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She’s A Beast… they make me so happy when they land in my inbox. [It’s] about seeing your body as something other than a thing you have to make skinny.

And while this may sound very serious, they are honestly joyful. These newsletters are undoing decades of programming that a lot of us have been through, and any time I open them, I feel a little bit happier.

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Hello; I’m Casey. I’m the author of LIFTOFF: Couch to Barbell.

For five years, I wrote the column Ask A Swole Woman for The Hairpin, SELF, and VICE.

(If you’re curious what it’s like, there are archives of columns here and here.)

But now it’s time, as we say in the lifting community, to diversify our programming. Welcome to the She’s A Beast newsletter.

A lot of health content is focused on blowing smoke up your ass about jade eggs and vitamins and “toxin-dispersing cellulite-curing silver-thread leggings”; this will be the opposite of that.


  • to get strong

  • that working out doesn’t have to be complicated

  • that food is good for you, actually

  • that bodies are where you have to live, not just for being hot, so you should make it nice

are some of the best things that ever happened to me, and I want to help other people learn those things for themselves too. And that’s why I started a newsletter about it.

This will be the same old impassioned and realistic Swole Woman approach you know and love (though I’m always hoping to write shorter), along with links about and commentary on relevant health and fitness happenings, and writing about those subjects that any real publications I might pitch to “don’t see a fit” for.

Who is A Swole Woman/Casey/ the “Beast” of whom you speak?

Well, the Beast is in all of us. But I’m a writer and editor 14 years in the game who used to have a terrible relationship with my body; I ran too much, ate too little, ruminated about food constantly, and thought that was all just part of the beautiful experience of “being a woman.”

In 2014, I found a Reddit post that credibly revealed that actually, lifting weights did not make women bulky. My desire to be hot piqued, I looked into this lifting thing further: I could work out less, eat more, and look essentially the same? Why was no one talking about this???

A post shared by @swolewoman

As I got into lifting, it began to dissolve the thick connective tissue in my brain between “working out” and “being as attractive and tiny as possible.” I realized that my body was for so much more than “punishing it with salad scraps and ‘intensity intervals’”; it could grow and get strong much more easily and quickly that I ever could have imagined; and that lifting weights could be the most fun and validating form of exercise I’d ever tried, that it was easier to me than cardio (yes, it’s true; I would never tell a lie about the dreaded cardio).

I began yelling nonstop about the incredible experience I was having, how I finally was starting to understand what life and living were about, because I was crushing my squat PRs and perfecting my deadlift form. And now here I am.

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